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mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Douglas Perlitz : Information about the situation in Cap-Haitian. (By Cyrus Sibert)

On Oct 13, 2009, at 16:15, Reseau Citadelle - Cyrus Sibert <reseaucitadelle@> wrote:

Dear Paul,


I am back in Cap-Haitian since October 12th 2009.. Upon my arrival in Port-au prince I was told by Robinson who is a custodian of the Pierre Toussaint Project's assets that at a radio station of Cap-Haitian named Radio Passion has aired last week-end information that Douglas will be released soon.    

I am going to write an article on the situation but I think that they are trying to pressure kids who want to testify. As you know, impunity is a way of life in Haiti and the good part of the judicial system is on the auction block. Judges, lawyers and policemen will sell their souls to the highest bidder.


Now I am working on collecting physical evidences. There is some overwhelming evidences that will make the case stick. The local prosecutor should summon those who are trying to divert, intimidate, coerce those providing incriminating proof.


Notice that the defense attorney builds his case on the lack of professionalism of the local police.. Tell him that 3 police officers with high experience in ''child abuse'' worked on the case with Haitian police. One of them is a retired police officer from Canada named Gilles Saindon, Sergent-Detective, Section Agression Sexuelles, Service des enquêtes spécialisées et du Soutien aux operations, 7275, rue Sherbrooke Bureau 605, Montréal (Quebec) H1N 1E9, gilles.saindon@, 514-280-8502, Fax: 514-280-6954. Another one is a policeman from Canada working at UNPOL (the police of United Nations in Haiti) Gillessavard2318@ A third officer is a Spanish policewoman: miranda1801@


This information could help you defend the street kids.

Cyrus Sibert
Cap-Haitian, Haiti

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