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mardi 1 décembre 2009

Ezili Dantò's Note - Brief Douglas Perlitz Update.

Douglas Perlitz indicted for abusing homeless boys in Haiti for a decade

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Ezili Dantò's Note - Brief Douglas Perlitz Update

There is no court hearing scheduled for December 2nd. A motion for continuance for the December 2nd date marked for jury selection before Judge Janet Arterton was filed by Perlitz lawyers. According to the clerk's office, a status conference at 3pm tomorrow will take place. HLLN will let those interested in
being in court know when it would be advisable to come to court in support of the Project Pierre Toussaint children from Haiti who complain and accuse defendant Douglas Perlitz of rape, abuse and molestation. We take this opportunity to thank all of you who remain vigilant and called to find out if the court date was still going forward. HLLN will continue to follow this case
and let everyone know when there is further movement.

On another note, another accused pedophile, ex-priest John Duarte, was in court recently in Canada and it's been reported that he had at least 30 supporters, dubbed the "Friends of John Duarte" in court. Where are the HLLN folks in Canada? People, please take a look at the John Duarte case and make your
presence known. Let the people in Canada know, Haitian children cannot be abused without consequences and that you are present and counted for as a voice against the abuse of Haiti's children.

Also, this post contains articles on reports on abuse by Catholic priests for more than half-a-century in Ireland. This is relevant to our Haitian community as many converted Haitians are happy to send their kids to Catholic schools, both abroad and in Haiti. One report reveals that for 60 years over 36,000 innocent children in Catholic schools, homes and orphanages in Ireland where routinely raped and sexually abused by Catholic priests and that this was systematically covered up the Catholic Bishops and hierarchy. Another report of 321 cases of child abuse explains that between 1975 and 2004 the Catholic hierarchy in the Archdiocese of Dublin consistently favored the interests of the Church over those of the children and "kept the sexual abuse of children,
at least until the mid-1990s, secret to avoid scandal, protect the reputation of the Church and to preserve its assets."

This is an important piece of information to share, not only because of the current Perlitz and Duarte pedophile cases and the fact so many elite-schooled Haitians have been sexually abused by the priests and pastors "educating" them in Haiti, but because, if this level of abuse is possible in Ireland, a country where the rule of law is institutionalized and where US/Euro colonialism is not dehumanizing the Irish majority and summarily denying them the right to vote and rule themselves through sponsorship of coup d'etats and regime changes; if this repugnance is possible in such a developed country by the Catholic priests, imagine what perverted Catholic priests, missionaries, foreign soldiers, mercenaries, colonist adventurers, aid workers and nuns have been doing in defenseless Haiti and Africa for centuries!

Going back to source, self-reliance, cultural autonomy and not dependency is the way to freedom, respect, dignity and owning our own selves.

In love, respect and towards more harmony,

Ezili Dantò/HLLN

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