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lundi 21 mars 2011

Martelly won Haiti polls, ex Dominican ambassador says.


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Dominican Today News - Santo Domingo and Dominican Republic
World - 21 March 2011, 10:31 AM

 Martelly won Haiti polls, ex Dominican ambassador says

M. Martelly. Photo

Port-au-Prince. –  Ex Dominican ambassador in Haiti Alberto Despradel affirmed Monday that Michel Martelly is, without a doubt, the winner of yesterday's runoff election in that nation.

"In general terms the process was calm," Despradel said, and predicted that Martelly would win with at least 60 percent of the vote ng against near the 40 percent of its opponent, the ex First Lady Mirlande Manigat. "He will be the next president of Haiti."

Relative calm

Aside from isolated incidents that left two dead Sunday, Haiti celebrated in an atmosphere of relative calm the runoff election, with which it seeks a fresh start to leave the economic, health and humanitarian crises behind.

Four million Haitians were eligible to cast their ballots to choose the President to replace René Preval, who'll leave office in May, as well as seven of its 30 senators and 79 of its 99 deputies.

The Provisional Electoral Council will disclose the preliminary results on March 31 and definitive ones on April 16.

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