mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Sources: Mildred Aristide meets with U.S. Ambassador to Haiti.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Sources say former First Lady Mildred Aristide met with the U.S. Ambassador to Port-au-Prince, Pamela White, on Wednesday where among topics discussed were the growing anti-government protests in the capital city.

The meeting comes 48 hours after a massive protest brought ten thousand to the streets in protest for President Michel Martelly's resignation and 24 hours after the opposition groups that organized that protest announced a third for the month of November, for the 29th, a march to the U.S. Embassy.

Jean-Junior Joseph, receiving information from Journalist Valerio Saint-Louis said through his twitter feed that during the meeting, Mildred Aristide had told the U.S. ambassador that anti-government protesters were "quiet" but were "rebuked" by the administration.

On Aristide, JJJ reported:
"Mrs Aristide claimed his [sic] husband is more interested in social programs, not in day to day politics"
JJJ also tweeted that the former First Lady told the Ambassador that, Tet Kale fanatics, those supporting the administration, used violence against the anti-government protesters in the streets.

All in all, it was tweeted that:
"There is no final decision in the meeting between US @AmbPWhite & Mildred Aristid."
More information should be released from Valerio Saint-Louis through Tele Image TV the final tweet said.


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