mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Cap-Haitien: New scandal of sexual abuses on orphanage children.--

Several teenagers (as young as 14 years old) have revealed that they were victims of sexual abuses including touching, masturbation and s and blowjobs from M. Bob Valerius, the administrator of an orphanage in the suburb of Cap-Haitien, La Petite-Anse. The children disclose that they were forced to continually pose for nude pictures, which were sent to M. Bob Valerius when he is away or is in the United States. We suspect that, among other things, M. Bob Valerius (the admintrator of the orphanage in La Petite-Anse, Cap-Haitien) might have been collecting teenagers' nude pictures to supply a pedophile network based in the United States.

An excerpt from a letter dated 29 March 2010 addressed by Pastor Pierre Ludovic (from Cap-Haïtien) - local part of the orphanage – to Mrs. Dennise Platt of "Southwest Church of Christ" in Ada, Oklahoma , which run the project, reads: "... we hear rumor out the orphanage. Bob is in sexual relationship with the little boys he help." Rev. Pierre Ludovic appears to have been disciplined for having denounced this unacceptable situation. He was expelled from the orphanage and his Church is quarantined by missionaries from Oklahoma.

M. Bob Valerius continues to request that the children from the inner city (La Petite-Anse) be posed naked and the photographs sent to him via Internet. He also advised one of his victims to move to the Dominican Republic in order to thwart any possible investigation into his criminal conducts. Meantime, M. Bob Valerius continues to communicate, graphically, via Facebook with youth of La Petite-Anse. From his continued and repeated sexual requests via Facebook to these underage children, we have seen several messages of a pornographic nature in which the former administrator of the orphanage explains the sexual reactions of his private part and his feelings when he thinks of the children:

"Eske or Sonje sa ne fe ansanm? " : Do you remember what we did together?
"Ou renmen sa? " Do you love it?
'M panse sou sa anpil fwa " . I think of it very often
"L'ap kanpe neg." It's rousing man

We have attached a screenshot of Erick Jean's email page, one of those children who are fed up with the continuing and humiliating exploitation by M. Bob Valerius, and who have decided to speak out.

M. Bob Valerius leaves behind him dozens of traumatized children. Even the administration of the Church "Southwest Church of Christ" took the wise decision to relieve M. Bob Valerius of his duties as administrator of the orphanage in Cap-Haitien, the fact is that the man has not changed. He continues to manipulate the young victims who deserve justice, psychosocial support, and repair.

Haiti is not a jungle. The inability and/or unwillingness of the Social Welfare Institute (IBESR), the state agency responsible for overseeing the orphanages should not be used as an excuse/guarantee for sex predators of poor Haitian children.

We request that an investigation by the U.S. Federal Government be open on this criminal conduct of a U.S. citizen traveling outside the borders of the United States with the aim of engaging in sex with minors.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
January 22, 2014

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