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Haiti-Pedophile: U.S. diplomats protect a pedophile. (Evidence)


February 5, 2014

Mme. Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin
Director General
Institut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches (IBESR)
Port au Prince, Haiti

Dear Mme. Villedrouin

It is my duty and obligation as a U.S. citizen to report the following information to you.

(I have already provided copies of the emails below to ICE/Homeland Security investigators and Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator of  USAID.)

The content of the emails (see below) between USAID employee, Jessica Reitz, Michael Geilenfeld, American attorneys, Rosario Rizzo and Robert Oberkoetter, Hearts with Haiti board members Paul D 'Oliviera and Geoffrey Hamlyn and SJF board member, Renee Deitrich, provide evidence of attempts to obstruct justice and to interfere with witness testimony during the criminal investigation of child sexual abuse allegations brought against Michael Geilenfeld, Director of the St. Joseph Family of Homes in Port au Prince, Haiti.

In the first instance, Attorney Oberkoetter and USAID employee, Jessica Reitz, with the full knowledge and cooperation of the other above mentioned individuals (including Geilenfeld) devise a plan to block the issuance of visas to two Haitian men whom Reitz, Oberkoetter and the others believe are intending to travel to the United States to testify against Michael Geilenfeld.

In the second instance, Jessica Reitz, with the blessing of Attorney Oberkoetter, and the knowledge and cooperation of the others, obtains confidential information from U.S. Embassy employee, BrIan Hoyt, regarding an investigation of allegations of child sexual abuse against Michael Geilenfeld by U.S. law enforcement investigators.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine USA

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Robert F. Oberkoetter <> wrote: 

I have reviewed each of your e-mail communications of this morning and advise as follows:

No contact with Bryan Davis, directly or indirectly;

I shall make the call to the Embassy and secure appointments with the VISA application review department; and with the ambassador;

Mr. Rizzo will be slamming research on the simplest, most direct legal action against Kendrick, who is not "hacking" to lift data but using a computer in interstate commerce to defame for the fraudulent purpose of profit; remember, his only defense is the truth of his statements; Kendrick has no personal knowledge; he relies solely on three "victim" reports.

Now, let me be as simple as possible: as long as I am counsel, no one will approach the Embassy or USAID for the purpose of witness intimidation, interference with contractual relationships [Garabedian and his clients we assume] or for any purpose other than to provide accurate histories of each VISA applicant. Our singular purpose is for the consular staff to be fully informed and for them to make the decisions whether further investigation is warranted. We suspect that the singular purpose for their VISA applications is to testify. If this is so, say so.

We did not investigate the Detroit situation. The relevant authorities did so. These are the objective forums established for the obvious investigatory and adjudication purposes.

My approach is very simple: we welcome the testimony of Emile, Serge, and Patrick, just as we welcome the testimony of Marc, anywhere at any time so long as that testimony is not proselytized by Kendrick and so long as the testimony is subject to cross examination.

The bottom line to the Embassy visit is to provide dependable data to the VISA staff. What they do with it is entirely up to them. The secondary purpose is to visit briefly with the Ambassador to inform him of our plans, that is, if by the time of the conversation it's the right thing to do.

Yes, the intensity and frequency of Kendrick's crap are mounting exponentially - in direct proportion to what has to inculcate frustration and fury - our silence. We don't get provoked by bullshit, a concept that will be portrayed by yours truly as "B.S. - blovating sophistry". Playful, yes, but for the obvious purpose because that's what it is: Bullshit.

We will not deny anything until Kendrick makes a move requiring a response. I plan on suing this guy for defamation per se; plus libel resulting in damages; coupled with an application for a restraining order enjoining Kendrick from any publication about Michael, SJF etc until further order of the court.

Paul and Rose, we need a sticks and bricks meeting to decide their sequence and mortar.

From: Jessica Reitz [] I 
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 3:09 PM
To: Robert F. Oberkoetter Cc: Michael Geilenfeld; Renee Dietrich; Geoffrey Hamlyn; Paul D'Oliveira; Rosario Rizzo Subject: 

Re: Advice.

Thanks, Robert.

As of this morning, and in follow up to our call Friday, I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the Regional Security Officer (RSO), and another meeting with Brian Hoyt, the contact that Marc Louis gave me from his meetings at the embassy. I emailed both Friday, and heard back late this morning.
The RSO meeting is something I need to do as an embassy employee since these allegations connecting me to this have been made, in order to clear my own behind, or so I've been informed by people in the embassy.

Brian is an economics officer in the embassy, as well as a friend socially, so it will be good to better understand from him what has/has not moved forward already within the embassy since we are a little unclear from what Marc has shared with us.

Michael & Renee, Brian has been traveling, and just got back to me today, suggesting we meet tomorrow AM. So looks like Marc is indeed talking with people at the embassy... we just need to better understand who and what's gone forward.

Robert, if either of these meetings are a problem, please let me know and I can defer to you. I know we want a meeting with ACS - American Citizen Services - and I have not contacted them yet.

Thanks all, Jess

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 5:16 AM, Robert F. Oberkoetter <> wrote:

Very good, Jessica. 

Proceed with all of these meetings, do so confidently, and speak truthfully as always. My first wife died of cancer many years ago. She was in the last class of the nursing school operated by Beth Israel Hospital, Boston and within 5 months of her graduation, | she became an employee of USAID and was posted to Quang Ngai, Vietnam. I recall that USAID then had an investigation department, which reviewed the administration of contracts between the agency and local individuals. 

Is there any monetary connection at all between USAID and any of the three SJF homes? USAID is "on the ground" in Haiti for the obvious purpose. I would prefer that an independent, objective investigation take place for the purpose of vetting each of the two guys seeking VISAs. The VISA officers are the first tier. The second is the Embassy itself, another department perhaps. A third possibility is USAID. Finally, this is really quite simple: if you say "don't go there", I shall understand instantly. I do recall that my I wife's landlord in Vietnam was visited twice in 1967-8 to inspect the premises, to make sure that USAID money was actually being used for the contractual purposes stated in the residential lease. I'm reasoning that if USAID had/has any part in steering funds to SJF's new construction, that funding might be reason enough to investigate the nonsense Kendrick has hurled at or toward USAID.

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 6:05 AM, Jessica Reitz <> wrote: I 

Hi Robert,

You have an excellent memory! 

Yes, USAID has our RIG - Regional Inspector General - and I know them quite well. They audit many of our programs, grantees, etc for instances of fraud. However, you have to be a recipient of USAID funds in order to be considered "investigate-able" so to speak, and since St. Joseph's Family has not been the recipient of USAID funds, it would be the Regional Security Office (RSO) in the embassy, not the RIG to investigate this. However, when I meet with RSO, I will see if it would be worthwhile to explore.

From what my colleagues at USAID told me Friday afternoon, they plan to not respond to PK, and prefer to not even be associated with this mess.... however, as I told them, we have no idea to what lengths this crazy lunatic will go, so best to be thinking of possibilities.

I'll keep you all updated as the day progresses, thanks, Jess

Tue, Oct 11 at 9:47 AM

Jessica Reitz <
To: Renee Dietrich <
Cc: "Robert F. Oberkoetter" <>, Michael Geilenfeld <>, Geoffrey Hamlyn <>, Paul D'Oliveira <>, Rosario Rizzo <>

Hi team,

One quick update - met with Brian Hoyt this morning and he doesn't know, nor has he ever heard of, Marc or any of the POCs Marc said he was meeting with from DHS. I explained to him that Marc said he was meeting with people from the embassy regularly, even submitting documentation as requested, and Brian said that no such meetings would be taking place in any unofficial capacity for this long without some sort of action being taken.

So... not sure who Marc was meeting with, if at all, or where that documentation has gone, but as far as Brian knows, there is no open case or conversations on this here at the embassy.

I'll let you know what RSO says later. Jess 

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 7:26 AM, Renee Dietrich <> wrote:

Jess is correct in that the SJF does not currently receive funding from USAID. Over the past couple of months Geoffrey was exploring the possible grant from USAID. I believe he was in conversation with an USAID representative, I'm guessing out of DC. However, the financial reporting requirements for us to even submit a grant were beyond what we or HWH are capable of producing at this time, so that has been put on hold. But Geoffrey is keen on pursuing it again when we can get the acceptable financial recording in place.

peace, renee
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