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mardi 15 avril 2014

Haïti dépasse la Chine en tant que deuxième plus grand fournisseur américain de chemises à tricot.

Haiti surpasses China as second largest supplier to US of M/B knit shirts

February 2014 OTEXA data released March 31, shows US imports from Haiti surpassing China as the second largest supplier of men and boys knit shirts cotton. Haiti maintained a year-to-date growth of 15.38% and retains a 10.94% share of the entire US market. US import data from Haiti also indicates a phenomenal growth of 67% year ending 2/14, in girls and women knit shirts (339). 

Shipments under HOPE and HELP are indicative of superior quality apparel delivered with blended fabric often from China.  When cut and sewn in Haiti, the garments enter the US duty-free. 

A major contributing factor of this growth is recent and sustained output from S&H Global, the Caracol subsidiary of Sae-A Trading. Established for a little over a year in Haiti's northeastern region, on the border with the Dominican Republic, S&H now operates 2 factories employing 2400. A third plant of about 1200 workers and a fourth to employ the same before the year's end will continue supplying especially Walmart and Target. 

The installation of value added steam washing and drying facilities in Caracol allows S&H Global to supply duty-exempt, high end apparel (see attached photo) to buyers in nearby US and Canada, in large quantities. 
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