mercredi 24 septembre 2014

DEPOSITION : Michael Geilenfeld and counterfeit haitian passports to get boys on U.S. soil.-

October 9, 1990 - The Gabarkewicz's, Liacos, Kohlhaas, Dieufenne Sylvain, and Maiz Neuguesse went to the American Consulate to ask about blocking Geilenfeld from reentering Haiti because of his alleged abuses and the boys' admitted fear of him. They spoke to Mr Robert Benson who hardly seemed interested and even less inclined to help. The American Consulate personnel seemed more interested in fraud on Geilenfeld's part. They had suspected but never had proof of fraud until we brought in three false passports in an attempt to clear the boys' names. We left one example of the false passports at the Consulate and kept the other two. The most the Consulate representatives did was refer us to welfare.


"You can fool some people sometimes, 
But you can't fool all the people all the time."
Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, 
Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.
) dixit Abraham Lincoln.
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