mardi 9 septembre 2014

Haiti-Geilenfeld : Lets' think first and foremost to the victims.-

Today, I spent roughly the entire day on the phone with some of the Mr. Michael Geilenfeld's victims, currently living in the United States.

It is unthinkable, the damages that Mr. Geilenfeld has inflicted on young Haitians, especially, poor children of Cite Soleil, La Saline, Bel-Air, and Delmas.

The list of the victims is growing over time. In addition to the young men who have already formally testified against M. Geilenfeld, others are coming forward while applauding his arrest; and concurrently, reject the idea that this is a contentious between MM. Paul Kendrick, Cyrus Sibert and the Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage.

"Why is the press talking about Michael and Kendrick instead of the abuses that we have sustained from Mr. Geilenfeld?" retort many of the alleged victims.

MM. Maxceau (Michigan), Gilbert (Michigan), Lafelio (Missouri), Emile (Massachusetts), Murano (Florida), Gilner (Vermont), Ernest, Cedano (Kansas), and Yvon (Florida), all of those victims and/or witnesses are willing to testify against Mr. Geilenfeld. In fact, one of them has stated that, one day, while trying to get in touch with the Director of the Orphanage for an administrative matter, he spotted M. Geilenfeld sexually assaulting Marc Louis, who was then an underage child. In this regard, as the Executive Assistant of the St. Joseph Orphanage, M. Maxceau has called for an emergency meeting between Mr. Geilenfeld and other young kids attending the orphanage to ask him to stop his sexual violence on the children. In response, M. Geilenfeld replied that he had no feelings for women; and that he could not control his sexual urges.

This week's decision of the Haitian justice to act on the repeated and continuous accusations of sexual abuses by Mr. Geilenfeld takes down the myth that this man is a person who is above the law in Haiti. The victims living in Haiti and those living elsewhere, which until now remained silent for fear of reprisals, now, have begun to come forward and break their silence. They believe that it is judicious to bring this alleged serial sex abuser before the court and that he has a fair trial so that this puts an end to this ongoing situation of sexual exploitation and abuse, fed on corruption practices and mafia-like arrangements.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitian, Haiti
September 9, 2014

"You can fool some people sometimes, But you can't fool all the people all the time."
(Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.) dixit Abraham Lincoln.
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