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"Michael is in the jail...Yes, it is a new day, indeed in Haiti". Open letter of Valerie Dirksen – Suwanee, Georgia.-

Hearts with Haiti
Haitian Timoun Foundation
Broken Wings – Canada
Each one of these organizations has told thousands of people across North America how much they are fighting for the poorest of the poor, that 100% of all fundraising goes towards the less fortunate children of Haiti and the Caribbean according to their 990's.  Touching isn't it?
How well I remember the day I was introduced to Haiti.  I was invited to a planning meeting for the Resurrection Dance Theater.  We were to meet at a staff member's house from Hatian Timoun Foundation at 7 PM.  January 12, 2010.  While the earth was shaking Haiti, I had no idea how the lives of my family would soon be shaking.  I was blown away for the concern for the health and well- being of the boys.  I quickly bought into the program, and spent the next several weeks coordinating the tour.  The following year, I was again asked to help out.  I was only too happy to step up.
Prior to 2011, I had no idea who these organizations really were, and what they stood for.  I can tell you after it was brought to my attention, I didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe well educated, successful, even members of the clergy, would choose to be a part of this and choose to support something like this.  After speaking to literally 100's of people, I had to come to the cold hard truth, that not only was this true, but after it was brought to members of the boards of directors, multiple times through the years, they chose to do nothing.  They chose to malign the boys who were strong and brave enough to speak up and ask for help.  They chose to put them out on the streets with nothing.  How does a humanitarian organization do that?  How do they have the heart to do that to the boys?  They would not do that to their own children, so why would it be different for Haitian orphans?
Every year, millions of dollars is raised for these boys to have housing, food, school and clothing.  Sponsors are solicited from bios that may or may not be the boys' story, but sure tares at your heart strings, and makes you want to help out.  Every year you read about the directors new homes that they built.  One director who was recently fired, has multiple homes.  Just curious how that is possible, when the money was collected for the boys to stay in the homes and be well cared for?  I wonder how staff/employees of the homes or St. Joseph Family are able to fly to the states or Europe at the drop of a hat.  I thought they didn't have a salary, or they had a minimum salary?  Who really knows since transparency is not a word they like to use.  Let's not even talk about all the money raised from the fees collected when visitors pay for their rooms or bring hundreds of pounds of supplies, that seem to make their way to the market where they are sold for a nice profit.
Congratulations to the Haitian authorities for stepping up and finally giving the survivors the support they need and should have received all along.  Hat's off to General Prosecutor Charles Kerson for not backing down to the pressures of an (Non-Government Organization) NGO who has been in Haiti for nearly 30 years.  This should be a proud moment for the Haitian national police, and the Haitian Justice system.  They have gotten a lot of bad press about all their faults.  Rarely do you hear when they finally get something right.  Haiti is open for business and Haiti can be proud of their constitution that does guarantee rights and dignity for its citizens.  Minister  Jean-Renel Sanon has been working on changing the image Haiti has had in the past.  He has a broom, and he has been sweeping every corner clean.  Madam Villadroin has also proven that the children do need to come first.  She has character to enforce the laws protecting the children of Haiti.  Yes, it is a new day, indeed in Haiti.  I am so very happy to say that.
At 5 pm, on August 31st, 5 boys were arbitrarily put out of the Wings of Hope house in Fermathe.  They were not given anything.  Not even a dollar.  Everyone begged for mercy from Bill Nathan Oba, and Jacky Assee to not do it.  They were carrying out what they had been told to do, just like good soldiers do.  Since that time, I have been waiting for one of these three organizations to step forward and offer aid to these boys who were put out on the streets with nothing but a dream of making it really big in the world.  Just like any adolescent has.  I can tell you this.  These humanitarians have been so quiet that the silence has been deafening.  It is in times of crisis were people show their character.  I believe these organizations need to set up a fund for these boys to continue in school, find a place for them to stay and proper food TODAY!  No more meetings, or agendas or conference calls.  They have the authority to do something TODAY!
These organizations need to stop trying to cover their tracks, and step up and do what all their fancy mission statements say they do.  They need to put these boys first.  I am appealing to the public to put pressure on them to act TODAY….Michael is in the jail, waiting for his sentence.  The directors of the homes, will be called in next.  it will not be hard for the Haitian judge to connect the dots on this.   I am sure they are going to miss their rock star lifestyle.  They knew about this all along, and also chose to do nothing. Their day is coming.  You can't have peace without justice. 
It is a new day for Haiti.  Haiti is truly open for business.  They have proven they have the laws, and police force to enforce them.  Now maybe if the NGO's could stop making the misfortune of poverty a business…the world would be a must better place.  The legal fees that have been spent on this likely will exceed $500,000 US.  What a waste of money and time and effort.  Imagine what that money could have meant to these boys.  They could have private tutors, get excellent results on their exams, and get scholarships into Harvard, Yale or even Duke.  That is what the members of the board want for their children.  Why wouldn't they want the best for these boys who do not have a mother to fight for them?  Are they going to continue to look the other way, or they going to ACT?
I just love all the creole sayings, Bel dan pa di zanmi – Not all smiles are friendly. 
Valerie Dirksen – Suwanee, Georgia
"You can fool some people sometimes, 
But you can't fool all the people all the time."
Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, 
Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.
) dixit Abraham Lincoln.
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