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Open letter to a U.S Journalist : On the Status of Michael Geilenfeld in Haitian Custody.-

Dear colleague Journalist,

I fully understand your text as well as your willingness to give everybody the floor. Excellent! Friends and supporters of Mr. Geilenfeld, a strongman of the NGO's world, have tried every trick to prevent the world from hearing the cries of all the alleged victims of his criminal conduct. Nevertheless, dealing with cross border legal issues can be challenging and at times, confusing. Please, bear with me as I will walk you through some steps that will both let you better comprehend the minutiae of M. Geilenfeld's case and the workings of the Haiti's criminal law system.

From the outset, I would like to inform you that you have been misled by Mr. Geilenfeld and his lawyers who have undertaken a concerted effort to high the truth. Here are some basic facts:

1. First of all, charges have been pressed against M. Geilenfeld since April 2014. An arrest warrant has been issued on July 3rd, 2014 and the indictment counts spelled out in the warrant include INDECENCY and REBELLION, which are punishable offences as per the Second Paragraph of the Article 278 of the Haitian Penal Code. Thus, since April 2014, M. Geilenfeld has not been in good standing with Haitian laws.

See the following link:

2. Also, the Associated Press has reported that the arrest warrant presented to M. Geilenfeld on Sept. 5, 2014 during his arrest stated that he was taken into custody for INDECENCY and ORGANIZED CRIME.

3. It is quite logical thus to deduct from point (2) that M. Geilenfeld has been incarcerated also for ORGANIZED CRIME, an additional count, and a punishable offence per Haitian laws. In Haiti, when someone who has been taken into custody is transferred to the National Detention Center (usually called National Penitentiary), it means that, first and foremost, charges have been pressed against that person and that s/he has been indicted; and the Court has decided that the person has to be detained and placed in a secured facility in order to be available at all time for subsequent hearings. Many reasons that can explain such as detention include, inter alia, the severity of the charges brought against the alleged lawbreaker and whether s/he represents a flight risk. In addition, as a basic procedure, no one, in Haiti, can be transferred to the National Detention Center without being charged by the Public Prosecutor (Maybe the Grand Jury in the American Common Law System).

4. M. Geilenfeld's defense insists on the fact that the judge, Al Duniel Dimanche, on August 8, 2014, by Ordinance, has suspended the arrest warrant issued on July 3rd, 2014. What they fail to notice in that Ordinance is a clause stipulating that the warrant has been suspended "Until Further Order" or "Until the Judge Says Otherwise." This is very fundamental since it simply means that the warrant can be reinstated at any time by the Court. This also means that the charges brought against M. Geilenfeld on April 2014 are upheld by the Court and perhaps, by serendipity, there some new information justifying an additional count, ORGANIZED CRIME.

5. On August 29, 2014, M. Geilenfeld appeared to have called in the Police in effort to intimidate some young men took a stand against what they believe to be an ongoing scheme of misconducts at the Saint-Joseph Orphanage. On that day, these young men organized a protest at the Saint Joseph Orphanage to denounce the violence and alleged crimes they have sustained from the suspect, M. Geilenfeld (see a video of the protest here:

In the wake of that incident, we have highlighted several cases in which M. Geilenfeld has used his influence to secure the release of several young men of his Orphanage who were suspected in some crimes. It seems that M. Geilenfeld exerts some influence on some members of the National Police who have helped him stymied several investigations on the charges levelled against him. More specifically, we have, to name but a few, identified two (2) criminal cases with strong connection with the Saint Joseph Orphanage including:

a. The case of M. Brunel Ezra who was charged with attempted murder on the life of "O-gun," a singer of the musical group "TEAM Lobey." Shot on February 29, 2014 in Pétionville by a young man from the St. Joseph Orphanage, the singer was hit by a bullet at the jaw. It seems that the shooter have been also allegedly sexually abused by Mr. Geilenfeld before he became his sex partner. The police have determined that the shooter used the managers of the Orphanage's short gun to perpetrate the crime. In addition, there was a blue pickup which belongs to the Orphanage that was confiscated by the Police Office "or Commissariat de Pétionville" for further investigations. Surprisingly, the Orphanage managers skillfully obtained the pickup back in a transaction, which remains hitherto unclear. The shooter's freedom was also secured and subsequently fled to the Dominican Republic. Many believe that he was able to flee with the help of officials at the St. Joseph Orphanage, who probably are still supporting him financially. The main instigator appears to be M. Geilenfeld, who is seeking to block every investigation by silencing witnesses and keeping them away from U.S investigators from the Homeland Security and the ICE.

b. At the end of 2013, M. Richie Ruiz, another young man at the outreach center (Saint Joseph Orphange), was arrested in the city of Jacmel in possession of a 9 mm pistol, which was used in the killing of two (2) police officers stationed at the Main Police Station of Port-au-Prince (known as the Fire Department). In his testimony, M. Ruiz, currently in the Dominican Republic, stated that the gun belonged to the St. Joseph Orphanage's managers, namely, MM. Geilenfeld, Bill Nathan and Walnes Canga. It remains unclear how his freedom has been secured since he was kept at the DCPJ (the Haitian National Police main criminal investigative branch) as part of a police investigation.

Furthermore, according to several witnesses at his hearing on September 8th, 2014, M. Geilenfeld has confessed that he enjoys a strong relationship with M. Ruiz. M. Geilenfeld did not disown M. Brunel Ezra, accused of attempted murder using the suspect's firearm. It should be emphasized that M. Geilenfeld has made several statements during multiple Court hearings, which is, in Haiti's legal system, due process, and preliminary legal investigation leading up to the additional count of ORGANIZED CRIME.

Let's assume for a while that M. Geilenfeld's legal team genuinely believes that has been detained illegally or without being charged and indicted on any count. In this case, one would expect them to require from the Court a proceeding in Habeas Corpus. This implies a quick procedure to secure his freedom, one of the fundamental rights with which the suspect is endowed. This procedure exists and is very common in Haitian legal procedures. Since they realize the seriousness of the charges leveled against M. Geilenfeld and the legal underpinnings of his arrest, they did not envisage such a procedure. This suggests some disconnect between what they express in the media and what they pursue before the Court.

In hindsight, those defending M. Geilenfeld are frightened by the truth. They have never launched a serious investigation on the accusations against M. Geilenfeld. Now that some of M. Geilenfeld's criminal conducts are coming to light, his supporters are panicked while trying to manipulate the media by stating that M. Geilenfeld has been detained in Haiti without being charged, in other words, without due process. Why are they avoiding talking of the alleged crimes that are leveled against M. Geilenfeld? Why their silence on the relationship between the Saint Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA (The North American Men/Boys Love Association) is so deafening? (Please click on this link for further evidence:

Why have they refused to highlight the relationship between the convicted pedophile, John Duarte, who was allowed to run the Saint Joseph Orphange and is serving jail time in Canada for pedophilia? 
(Please click on the following link:

They have certainly remained silent on several scandals and protests surrounding the Saint Joseph Orphanage. It is legitimate to bring these questions to executive at the Saint Joseph Orphanage while determining their degree of involvement in some transnational illegal activities such as the use of counterfeit documents to allow some children to flee; the kidnapping, in Boston city, by one of the « Heart with Haiti » board members, of Sony Derazin, a young man with physical challenge, which has occurred in April 2013. The young adult has been expelled to Haiti against his will by a board member of Heart with Haiti.

Recently, STOPP, has highlighted this kidnapping in an email backing up the arrest of M. Geilenfeld while calling for his safe detention until his trial. It is noteworthy highlighting that Sony Derazin has filed a lawsuit against M. Geilenfeld. 
(Please see the following link:

It should be clear by now that M. Geilenfeld has had several hearings; has been indicted and that several alleged victims have already testified under oath. As we are awaiting the findings of the investigative judge, we hope that the Central Office of the Judicial Police find it materially important to release and introduce to the case the minute of the audition of M. Richie Ruiz and that of the investigation on the attempted murder on "O-gun," singer of the band named "Team Lobey."

I would kindly invite you to visit the web page of the U.S embassy for more information on the procedures pertaining to Haitian laws in criminal matters. (Please check out this link:

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitian, Haïti
20 septembre 2014
Haiti : (509) 3686-9669
International : (518) 279-6329 


"You can fool some people sometimes, 
But you can't fool all the people all the time."
Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, 
Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.
) dixit Abraham Lincoln.
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