lundi 13 octobre 2014

Haiti-Pedophile : Regarding the orphanage Saint-Joseph Home for Boys of Delmas 91.-

There are also Messrs. Michael Brewer and Phillip Norris, two alleged pedophiles at odds with the Haitian justice, who attended the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91, and were given certain administrative responsibilities. There have been reports of a protest by the inhabitants of Fermathe against some sexual abuses by Phillips Norris at the home for disabled children, which was under Mr. Geilenfed management. Mr. Norris was publicly accused of abusing children in the metropolitan area. Presently, Bishop Phillips Norris lives in an openly relationship in England with Alex, one of the young men he was abusing from Fermathe. Recently, some victims have testified that Michael Geilenfeld used to request that some of the underage boys of his orphanage go to give Bishop Norris some body massage in one of the abandoned rooms at the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91.

[Hounded out of town for being black and gay. ]
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