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The pedophile Michael Brewer in the orphanage Saint-Joseph Home for Boys.-

Interviewer: Are you guys aware of any other orphanages that operate this way other than his 3 houses?

Jean-Sacra: There was another one run by a guy named Mike Brewer. The embassy asked me about him because they're after him too. I recognize him, but he's more elusive. Once people realize he's in a neighborhood he leaves.

Interviewer: So he doesn't run anymore projects?

Jean-Baptiste: Yes, he still runs projects.

Interviewer: He does?

Jean-Baptiste: Yes.

Interviewer: Where are they located?

Jean-Baptiste: In Petion-ville. Like all the small ones in Petion-ville. He actually came in stayed in an area pretty close to where I live. He knows I know him. He saw me and he ran away.

Interviewer: His name is Mike Brewer?

Both: Mike Brook.

Interviewer: Michael Brewer?

Jean-Baptiste: Yes, he went after any kids he saw in the streets. That's how you know his roots were based in Geilenfeld's organization.

Interviewer: Oh, so he was with Geilenfeld as well?

Both: Yes

Interviewer: So it seems Geilenfeld's operation has a huge niche.

Jean-Sacra: There was another guy named Phillip Morris. Phillip Morris—
Interviewer: (Interrupts) Here in Haiti?

Jean-Sacra: Yes, he would come to Haiti. He's married to a Haitian. A boy.

Jean-Baptiste: Listen carefully now. A boy who lived nearby one of Geilenfeld's homes.

Interviewer: They couldn't have been married. They're not married.

Jean-Baptiste: They're married.

Interviewer: Well they lived together.

Jean-Baptiste: Okay, they lived together.

Jean-Sacra: But the marriage was official in England. He bought 2 cars, one for the boy and his mother. He also bought them a house. I think they have 2 houses here.

Interviewer: Is he involved inactivity with children as well.

Jean-Baptiste: He has an orphanage too.
Interviewer: A big orphanage?

Jean-Baptiste: Yes, Bonnie told me. Bonnie said some people he knows crossed paths with him, and he has an orphanage here too.

Jean-Sacra: He's been here a long time.

Jean-Baptiste: These guys pretend to be pastors. They pretend to be here to spread the word of God, but that's how they find you, and do what they want to do. These men are very dangerous. All these guys were telling you about…I can't tell you about other institutions, but the ones we've told you about, they're all tied to Michael Geilenfeld.

Interviewer: Michael Brewer—

Jean-Baptiste: Phillip Morris… These guys are all students of Michael Geilenfeld.

Jean-Sacra: Before they take the field, they go to him. They receive a lot of instruction from him on how to direct the orphanages. I was the one that Geilenfeld asked to keep Michael Brewer from returning to the house.

Interviewer: He kicked him out?

Jean-Sacra: He said he didn't want him returning to the home ever again. I actually put him out. Brewer went to jail here.
Interviewer: Really?

Jean-Sacra: Yes. They beat him. Brewer went to a penitentiary. They released him. The guys smashed his head with sticks.

Jean-Baptiste: There's another guy. His name is Tony. Another major player. Tony experienced similar treatment. His wife was handicapped (from an attack?). They got a gold of him, and chased him out.
Jean-Sacra: He fled to the Dominican Republic, and from there he went back to the United States. He was from the same home as Michael Geilenfeld.

Interviewer: So the Haitian Police chased him out?

Jean-Sacra: Yes. I've actually been to Tony's house in the United States.

Saint-Joseph Home for Boys (Delmas 91) is an orphanage of Hearts With Haiti ( Hearts with Haiti - HOME ) 
"You can fool some people sometimes, But you can't fool all the people all the time."
(Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.
) dixit Abraham Lincoln.
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