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mardi 12 mai 2015

Haiti appeals Court decision acquitting US citizen M. Michael Geilenfeld while preventing him from fleeing the country

On Wednesday May 6, 2015, Attorney Farah Cadet, Deputy Public Prosecutor, representing the Haitian government, has filed a Notice of Appeal with the Registrar of the Lower Court (Court of First Instance) of Port-au-Prince and before the Clerk M. Jean Serge Duvert. 

Court records show that the Deputy Public Prosecutor has notified the Court that she intended to appeal the Court decision, and indeed, has appealed the decision of the Correctional Court, on April 29, 2015, between the Public Prosecutor and M. Geilenfeld to acquit M. Geilenfeld due to wrongs and prejudice inflicted upon society (Public Prosecutor) by this verdict. The Public Prosecutor has read and signed with the Court Clerk the Notice of Appeal. The appeal seeks to overturn the judge’s decision in the case against M. Geilenfeld. The Prosecutor wants the case move to the Appellate Court where victims and witnesses will be able to testify, and this, in accordance with the principle of due process.

In addition, we have learned that M. Geilenfeld, the managing director of the Saint Joseph orphanage of Delmas 91, has been prohibited from fleeing Haïti. The Haitian judiciary believes that M. Geilenfeld is a flight risk, and has to remain within reach to be retried for charges of sexual assaults, rape, indecency, lewd conduct, child trafficking leveled against him. 

Disciplinary actions have been taken against Attorney Siteon Augustin, the Deputy Public Prosecutor, who represented the Prosecutor’s Office during the mock trial leading to the suspicious acquittal of M. Geilenfeld. More specifically, M. Augustin has been suspended indefinitely without pay pending the results of an investigation of self-serving or misconduct. The Justice Minister, Attorney Pierre Richard Casimir, is waiting for a detailed report by the Chief Public Prosecutor to determine the underlying causes leading to Deputy Prosecutor’s Augustin misconduct, and if necessary, to remove him from the prosecutor’s office. It seems that the NGO, Heart With Haiti has bribed authorities in the judiciary to get the Deputy Public Prosecutor to abandon all of the charges against M. Geilenfeld and release him forthwith from jail without prior consultations with the Chief Public Prosecutor. 

In a memo published on May 6, 2015, the Justice Ministry and Public Safety reminded the Public Prosecutors from every jurisdiction across the country to meet their obligation, as guardians of the social order and protector or society, and to adequately support all of the charges, and this, in accordance with the principle of legality of the prosecution, during penal trials.    

The Justice Minister, M. Pierre Richard Casimir, took the opportunity to recall the Members of the Prosecutor’s Office that renouncing charges is an exception, not the rule. Members of the Prosecutor’s Office have to be always motivated by the law and seek social harmony… and have to always behave as true defenders of society. 

Thus, M. Geilenfeld victims have won another victory in the battle against this powerful transnational pedophiles network, which have been abusing Haitian children for over 30 years. This victory sends a strong signal to the sexual predators preying on children and the destitute; it also reinforces the security of young kids in Haiti.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
12 mai 2015

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