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samedi 2 mai 2015

Haiti-Pédophilie : Des américains critiquent la politique pénale du Président Martelly.-

Des militants américains pr la protection des enfants rendent le Président responsable du désordre dans la justice haïtienne. Depuis le 12 janvier 2015, l'application de l'article 136 fait du Chef le principal responsable du Pays:

" Everyone is frightened...because as they predicted...michael can not be found guilty...there is no justice...a lot of people will be hurt...

...i can't believe martelly would allow this...or sanon....where is everyone

....intervention was made by martelly to get the kidnapper friends out of jail...i do not hold any hope for haiti .... no one cares...they ruled in favor of the white american ngo...instead of their own citizens...

You work with Martelly and he got his friend the kidnapper out... What does he say... I am so angry I can barely speak...why don't you give him my cell phone number I really would like to talk to him."
"You can fool some people sometimes, 
But you can't fool all the people all the time."
Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, 
Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.
) dixit Abraham Lincoln.

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