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The Saint-Joseph orphanage and the insecurity in Petion-Ville (Haiti).-

(Judge Al Duniel Dimanche, in the face of history.)

Photo : [Titi (aka Tupac) and Brunel (from bear sholder), two young murders boys linked to Michael Geilenfeld]

It has been one month since M. Geilenfeld has been arrested and taken into custody on two main counts: Indecency and Criminal Conspiracy. His lawyers continue to claim that his arrest as one without a legal basis. In the international media, they continue to present M. Geilenfeld as a victim of a campaign of misinformation led by MM. Cyrus Sibert and Paul Kendrick. This strategy deliberately sidesteps the affidavits and the legal complaints of the victims and witnesses.

It is quite clear that these statements are baseless and that they are part of a strategy by M. Geilenfeld's legal team. Nevertheless, the slow progress by the investigative judge in charge of the case is disquieting. Some of the victims of the Saint Joseph Home For Boys (SJHFB) are concerned that they have not been summoned by the investigative judge, Al Duniel Dimanche, to present their account of the facts. They are looking forward to such hearings as they strongly believe that their presence at the investigative chamber would advance the case.

In the interim, the various statements by M. Geilenfeld's lawyers in the international press are tarnishing Haiti's image. The Portland based U.S attorney, M. Peter DeTroy, the leading lawyer of M. Geilenfeld, is still describing the arrest and the detention of his client as illegal and unfounded. He is dismissing Haiti's judiciary and its operators, who, he considers as amateurish, incompetent, and corrupt.

This is a troublesome situation for M. Geilenfeld's alleged victims who recognize in this man a pedophile, criminal, and one, who used the SJHFB for 30 years to destroy the lives of numerous impoverished Haitian kids.

The victims, who happen to in Haiti or elsewhere, expect swift actions from the Court to consolidate the case against M. Geilenfeld. They are ready to travel to testify before the judge in charge of the case.
At "Morne Calvaire and Jalousie," two boroughs in the suburban of Petion Ville, M. Geilenfeld's sexual conducts, while living together with the underage kid, Brunel Ezra, a street boy begging in front of the supermarkets, are just an open secret. According to several testimonies, the former catholic Brother has established sexual relations with the economically deprived child. A relationship which was pursued all the way to the shanty house of the boy's mother who was living in a slum and did not have much economic choices but to accept the sexual assaults on her child. Regularly, on Sundays, M. Geilenfeld, nicknamed "Blanc Michel" (White Michael) spent the day in Brunel Ezra's room was very inconsiderate of the neighbors by engaging in highly promiscuous or unrestrained sexual relations with the boy, whom he introduced to cocaine and other pervert acts.

Abused and drugged, the protégé of "Blanc Michel," the youngster, Brunel Ezra, became one of the most dangerous criminals in Petion-Ville. According to eyewitnesses:
•         He moved around with a short gun;
•         He was involved in shootings with the Petion-Ville police in the borough of Nerette;
•         He has shot and wounded Toutou Sanette a.k.a. Mrs. Papster; while Papster himself was hit by a stray bullet;
•         Several inhabitants of "Morne Calvaire and Jalousie" were wounded by stray bullets from M. Brunel Ezra' shootings.
Following each arrest, "Blanc Michel" (M. Geilenfeld) would come with his precious money and secure M. Ezra's release.

The latest crime on record by M. Ezra is the attempted murder against "O-gun," the singer of the group Team Lobey. The Petion-Ville police department has a complete file on this case. With the backing of M. Geilenfeld, the alleged murderer, M. Ezra, has fled to the Dominican Republic where he seems to be living under a new identity: Brinello Exzavio. There, he seems to have been arrested by the Dominican police for illegal use of drugs.

In addition to sexual feelings and lewd conducts, is the closeness of M. Geilenfeld to M. Ezra driven by criminal intents?

During a testimony in February 2014, M. John, one of M. Geilenfeld's alleged victims has revealed that the executive manager of the SJHFB orphanage taught the kids the "so-call right way" to smoke a brand drug known as "Juicy Lucy," a mixture of marijuana and crack. This led to a sexually useful taming of his preys.

How many Brunel Ezra are roaming around in Haiti (and in the Dominican Republic) who are M. Geilenfeld's foot soldiers? Has this orphanage executive supplied guns, munitions, and other police gears used by M. Ezra to terrorize the people of Petion-Ville?

In the picture shown above, Titi, another alleged young criminal and sex partner of M. Geilenfeld, involved in several crimes, chief among them, a murder in Gonaives where Titi himself came close to be lynched by the local population.

At the end of 2013, M. Richie Ruiz, another youngster of the SJHFB was arrested in Jacmel carrying a 9 mm pistol used in the murder of two (2) police officers of the Port-au-Prince Central Police Station. During his testimony, the young kid, Ruiz stated that the gun belonged to the managers of the SJHFB, that is: MM. Geilenfeld, Bill Nathan, and Walnes Canga. We have recently learned that M. Ruiz is still incarcerated at the Haiti's National Penitentiary Center.

Has the judge examined the report by the Central Branch of the Judiciary Police (DCPJ) on this case of illegally carrying a deadly weapon involved in the murder of police officers? Has the judge interrogated the young boy, Richie Ruiz, of Ruelle Chavanne and Bel-Air (in Port-au-Prince)?

The irony is that "Blanc Michel" has used the police department of Petion-Ville, the justice system of that municipality, and criminals such as M. Ezra that he has himself created to intimidate his victims? People have been constantly terrorized in the proximity of SJHFB. Today, young boys like Serge, Destin, Son, and John who come forward against M. Geilenfeld's criminal practices are actively sought after by some alleged criminals determined to eliminate them. It is noteworthy highlighting that Bill Nathan and Walnes Canga continued to be feared.

It is about time that the Haitian police and the justice system show that they are really on top of their game dealing with this case. Along with the incarceration, there needs to be swift judicial procedures. We fear the existence of a strategy to let the case drag, and when people are distracted, the accused child molester then let loose. This would have been, by all accounts, devastating. This case cannot be in anyway an economic opportunity. It is a test on the character of the Haitian judiciary. Any lax in the handling of this case may result into serious diplomatic woes for the Haitian government and would bolster the pedophiles in their chase for underage boys. Judge Al Duniel Dimanche has to show that he is very careful and wise while handling this very important endeavor thrust upon him. He ought to show that he is an able judge who is competent and fair. This type of behavior would burnish his credentials and allow the image of the Haitian justice system to shine.

The facts are well known, the files are available at the Petion-Ville police station and at the DCPJ, and more witnesses are looking forward to testify before the investigative judge.  There needs to be some urgency within the legal deadlines to avoid tarnishing the image of the judiciary and that of the Republic of Haiti.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitian, Haiti
October 3, 2014
"You can fool some people sometimes, 
But you can't fool all the people all the time."
Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, 
Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.
) dixit Abraham Lincoln.
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