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lundi 21 avril 2014

Haiti, an Eldorado for American pedophile priests: The Conundrum! (Text of Cyrus Sibert)

The defense strategy of Mr. Michael Geilenfeld, former Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage, accused of pedophilia, has been, for many weeks, manufacturing false testimony to discredit those yearning for truth and justice on the allegations of sexual exploitation, rape, child molestation or pedophilia: Commonplace at the children shelter center of Delmas 91, Haiti, a facility under his management and leadership over an extended period.

Human rights activist, Mr. Paul Kendrick and the investigative journalist, Mr. Cyrus Sibert, have been the object of sustained attacks seeking to delegitimize their work and their credibility, which could be utilized by the U.S. Federal Court in Portland, Maine as well as anyone who would like to see the rule of law prevailed in this matter. On May 5, 2014, the case will be heard by a U.S. federal judge. Terrified, Mr. Geilenfeld has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Kendrick accusing him of slander. In doing so, Mr. Geilenfeld has certainly opened the Pandora's Box, i.e., fueling the spirit of justice, espoused by a large number of victims and witnesses against his tawdry and lewd conduct.

Alarmed by a slew of embarrassing testimonies from Haiti, the U.S. and even the U.K. by numerous alleged victims of sexual abuse, rape, and child molestation, Mr. Geilenfeld's last recourse is to attack courageous activists (Messrs. Kendrick and Sibert) for denouncing his horrible transgressions. Interestingly, testimonies against Mr. Geilenfeld are often made in his presence. Confronted with a set of irrefutable facts, Mr. Geilenfeld has chosen to overlook the accusations and attack those exposing his crimes, i.e., Messrs. Kendrick and Sibert. It is worth noting that absent Messrs. Kendrick and Sibert, Mr. Geilenfeld massive sexual crimes would have gone unnoticed and would conveniently carry on over time. 

In a country like Haiti with so weak institutions and legal infrastructures, poor citizens who face influential criminals, powerful foreigners with international connections are undoubtedly defenseless. In such a country, a serial abuser such as Mr. Geilenfeld, operating under the auspicious of the Catholic Church, may easily intimidate his victims. Indeed, Mr. Geilenfeld appears to have successfully persuaded one of his alleged victims, Mr. Marc Louis, who, freely and on the records, had claimed to have been molested by Mr. Geilenfeld to subsequently repudiate his testimony and cry foul. Disowning his testimony, Mr. Louis went so far, and under oath, to claim that he was persuaded by Mr. Sibert to make deceitful accusations against Mr. Geilenfeld; that he received numerous threats from Mr. Sibert; and that Mr. Sibert gave him a piece of paper and dictated the statements he made against Mr. Geilenfeld.

Please, listen to a recorded interview with Mr. Louis here: Haiti-Pédophile-Geilenfeld: Un témoin à décharge affirme avoir été victime. (Haiti-Pedophilia-Geilenfeld: A rebuttal witness). We note that Mr. Louis was serene and calm during the interview. Please, pay close attention to examine whether Mr. Louis was not reading from any prepared notes. In this video, you will realize that Mr. Louis was given out detailed precisions of places and people in the U.S. that only a presumably credible witness would have been bestowed with.

This case is similar to that of another young gentleman who lived at the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91, who produced a written testimony, in which he affirmed to have received an invitation from Mr. Sibert who sought to meet with him on September 16, 2013 and went on to coerce him to testify against Mr. Geilenfeld in return for money. His statement points to 14 February 2014, the date when he was allegedly coerced by Mr. Sibert, accompanied by two other individuals and pursued him from a car.

There is a systematic campaign of misinformation seeking to discredit those who require a thorough investigation be carried out on the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91; that the alleged victims who come forward be heard in a court of law; and that the Haitian government adopt some protective measures in favor of Haitian children and vulnerable people affected by this large scale criminal network.

We would like reassure all those who support this cause, and by extension, truth and justice, that:

1.     We are able to prove that Mr. Louis was relaxed and decided, freely, to make his statement. Mr. Geilenfeld ignores that we have a video of Mr. Louis from his arrival at the hotel venue where he met the other victims of St. Joseph Orphanage in an atmosphere of "reunion;" while he took the extra step to remind them of the abuses they have suffered from Mr. Geilenfeld. These free conversations and the relaxing atmosphere propelled us to ask them whether we could record a video, which includes a solemn statement of all the facts that he brought up to refresh the other victims' memory. The idea to record his testimony was indeed a test of the validity of his accusations against Mr. Geilenfeld. The video is available to help Mr. Louis should he be confronted with any of the Mr. Geilenfeld henchmen. In fact, it looks like some of those who came forward have already run into trouble as Mr. Geilenfeld has increased the pressure on them and as a result, Mr. Louis' whereabouts have been unknown since the beginning of February 2014.

 2.     It can also be proven that on September 16, 2013, the date that the gentleman claims to have endured threats from Mr. Sibert, the former was not in Haiti but in Orlando, Florida to return to Cap-Haitien, Haiti on an IBC Airways' flight only on September 18, 2013. This proves that it was impossible for Mr. Sibert to hold a meeting with the alleged victim at the purported date when he was not in Haiti. In fact, Mr. Sibert has never met that young man nor ever spoke to him.

While Mr. Geilenfeld's defense is looking for witnesses to help debunk the charges against him, the victims have also the right to due process as well as to summon credible witnesses with the ability to provide reliable evidence substantiating the charges. Unfortunately for Mr. Geilenfeld, we shall not let ourselves be intimidated by those who physically, sexually and mentally abused helpless and defenseless children. We will continue to look for any victims willing to testify about their ordeal at the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91.

As Mr. Geilenfeld and his accomplices seek to eliminate and debunk the charges against them, their behavior consistently shows that they are seeking to go all the way to suppress the truth. Their relentless effort to manufacture false testimony against the witnesses and the victims is both indignant and disturbing. This proves how those running the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91 are ill-intentioned.

Executives at the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91 appear to be like real felons exploiting American contributors assuring them that they are in "good standing" with Haitian laws, while for several years the St. Joseph Orphanage has operated without a license from the IBESR (Institute Welfare Social) – the government agency responsible for monitoring this type of institutions. In February 2014, the Haitian government has finally decided to shut down this rotten institution. Recently, one of the defense attorneys for Mr. Geilenfeld depicts the director of the IBESR, Mrs. Villedrouin, as an executive devoid of the ability to make sound decisions.


[ Mme Arielle J. Villedrouin, of IBESR, cannot think for Herself : ]

[ Contenu de la lettre de l'IBESR ordonant la fermeture de l'Orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91. ]

Methodology and curiosity :

           In August 2008, a Haitian descent living in the diaspora visited the city of Cap-Haitien. As usual, he brought gifts for street children begging along the boulevard. Chatting with them, he learned that children at the Pierre Toussaint Project (an orphanage) are being systematically molested. The Project was an "Outreach Centre" for street children from the inner city. The Project was managed by Mr. Douglas Perlitz, a U.S. Catholic missionary. Troubled, the man alerted a friend living in Cap-Haitien of the disturbing patterns. He was disturbed that such things were happening while there was a government agency overseeing such a project? His friend assured that he knew a credible journalist who can investigate the alleged crime and if founded, would denounce it.        

           On August 15, 2007, as Mr. Cyrus Sibert was roving by car in the borough of "Carenage," with a hand gesture, the mutual friend stopped Mr. Sibert; the mutual friend told his interlocutor: "Speaking of the devil, here's his tail," i.e.: Cyrus Sibert is here. They seized on the occasion to tell Mr. Sibert about the allegations, to which he replied: "we often hear these kinds of rumors in the city. However, I can write an article on this subject, but I need to meet with the alleged victims and witnesses.[1] I emphasized that I needed to see many of them because one swallow does not make a summer."

           Subsequently, I met with several victims agreeing to come forward. I was able to identify credible sources to collect information on the behaviors of the accused sex predator, which included cross-validation and examination sources of information. In the end, I decided to write a text denouncing the sexual abuse practices while leaving out the names of the alleged criminals and the institutions involved.

 [Read the text here:  Cap-Haitien, le pédophile et son centre d'accueil pour enfants de rue (Cap-Haitien: pedophilia and its welcome center for street children): ]
           Several investigations were conducted, leading up to Mr. Perlitz to fleeing Haiti. Mr. Perlitz was later arrested by ICE and the Homeland Security, two American institutions in charge of enforcing the law against all U.S. citizens traveling with the aim of engaging in sexual relationships with underage children.

           A few weeks before Mr. Perlitz was arrested, and the American justice system increased pressure against the accused, Mr. Kendrick contacted me to ascertain whether I disposed of "strong evidence to back up the charges." I must confess that I was hesitant as I thought that Mr. Perlitz' supporters could disguise as children victims trying to contact me in order to identify the names of the students (real victims) who were testifying in the case.

          A few weeks later, after the arrest of Mr. Perlitz, I received a call from Mr. Kendrick informing me of a possible link between Mr. Perlitz and Father Voss, a former American priest who confessed having sexually abused children in the United States. Father Voss had also fled the United States with the help of the U.S. Catholic Church to become a sexual refugee in Haiti. He was in charge of the outreach center, "the Guest House" at Delmas 33, named "Matthew 25," the ground zero for all of the newly U.S. Catholic missionaries touched down in Haiti. The new missionaries usually stay at that facility for few months to learn Haitian Creole and survival tips before venturing into remote areas.

           Mr. Kendrick told me that American activists fighting pedophilia within the Catholic Church condemn those practices by the U.S. Catholic Church consisting of using the South and/or impoverished countries like Haiti, endowed with a weak government apparatus and judiciary, to relocate disgraced and/or defrocked priests and/or religious leaders sought by law enforcement in the U.S. for sexually abusing children. Mr. Perlitz who also stayed at "Matthew 25" was a good friend of Father Voss. In 2005, the Minister of Justice of Haiti, Mr. Bernard Gousse, after receiving a disturbing letter from a group of U.S. activists, had the courage to put Mr. Voss under arrest. Later, with the collective evasion that occurred at the National Penitentiary Center, the accused priest-pedophile was able to escape the prison facility and flee Haiti. As of now, his whereabouts are not quite known. There are rumors that he has resided in one of the islands in the Bahamas.

Read a letter written by a group of U.S. activists to the for Haitian minister of Justice, Mr. Bernard Gouss (Lisez la lettre des militants américains adressée au Ministre Bernard Gousse):

For more information related to Mr. Voss, click on these links (Pour plus d'info concernant Mr. Voss, consultez les liens suivants):

          In 2009, a friend gave me an earful of ongoing large scale pedophilia at Delmas 91. An international worker advised him to contact me to inquiry about the suspected developments. The friend did not tolerate the way some of his influential American colleagues were covering up for this Mr. Geilenfeld.

         I pledged my support to investigate the case but I pointed to the lack resources upon which I could tap given that Mr. Perlitz' case had already absorbed all of my resources (mostly familial since there is no institution in Haiti financing this kind of work). Indeed, at that time, I was dealing with 24 young men (those molested by Mr. Perlitz). They were abandoned youth who continually needed all sorts of support. They were  constantly in need for food, healthcare, personal safety, protection against police abuse, temporary accommodation in case of threat of death, school fees for those who continued to attend school. In fact, Haiti does not have the infrastructure to support and protect victims and witnesses involved in sensitive cases. I was compelled to provide any meager family resources (my wife paycheck and parents' assistance) to help those young victims to get through during the judicial proceedings.

Read : [Perlitz Victims Receive Aid With Alum Visit ]

[Une nouvelle distribution de nourriture en faveur des victimes de Douglas Perlitz. ]

           I was well aware that the sexual predator's most effective weapon against his prey included physical and economic threats, along with a war of attrition. Sexual predators often tell their prey:

"If you speak out, your situation will fall back to where it started (that of a street person); no one will believe you; you will be accused of lying and then expelled from the orphanage; you will return to the street; your chances to go to school will vanish. Thus, your best choice is to remain silent. You will not prevail in a legal challenge against me because I am a rich man and you are a kid from the street."

As a result, I had to share any available resources in my household with the victims.

              Over five years, this was particularly unique for a journalist to wake up every day by 24 young people in need of every basic necessity. Meanwhile, the executioner or the pedophile has been receiving lavished praises from some actors in the media, often flushed with all sorts of resources they have ever needed. There was a systematic campaign in the press seeking to burnish Mr. Perlitz' image while discrediting the victims. They incessantly tried to break the morale of all those who dared demanded justice and reparations. Most in the media were unaware that the abuses sustained by the children resulted from behavioral problems that affect their judicial records. Instead, they regularly used these records to prove that those victims' testimonies could not be trusted.

            In December 2010, Mr. Perlitz was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN aired a full report on the case. In the following month, I received a call from a U.S. citizen seeking the same commitment exhibited in the Perlitz' case to carry out a full investigation on allegations of sexual abuses systematically occurring at the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91.

[Orphan Predator : Haiti Street Orphans Abused. ]

            This call was reminiscent of the invitation from the international worker, channeled through a mutual friend. During another visit to Port-au-Prince, at the end of February 2011, we had lodged at "The Home visitation" commonly referred to as "Matthew 25." Our stay allowed us to understand the scope of U.S. pedophiles in Haiti; it focal point, and its role in terms of interconnection. Looking at the guests' book at the St. Joseph Orphanage, overseen by Mr. Geilenfeld, I spotted the name of Mr. John Duarte, a former Canadian who was arrested in the Dominican Republic for the crime of pedophilia committed in Haiti. Mr. Duarte had abused several Haitian children. He ran the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91 concomitantly with Mr. Geilenfeld.

[John Duarte & Geilenfeld 2 religieux dits pédophiles, dirigeaient un orphelinat en Haiti.-]

[Ex-Windsor priest John Duarte arrested for alleged child sex abuse in Haiti.]

[ Ex-Windsor priest arrested for sex abuse in Haiti. ]

There are also Messrs. Michael Brewer and Phillip Norris, two alleged pedophiles at odds with the Haitian justice, who attended the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91, and were given certain administrative responsibilities. There have been reports of a protest by the inhabitants of Fermathe against some sexual abuses by Phillips Norris at the home for disabled children, which was under Mr. Geilenfed management. Mr. Norris was publicly accused of abusing children in the metropolitan area. Presently, Bishop Phillips Norris lives in an openly relationship in England with Alex, one of the young men he was abusing from Fermathe. Recently, some victims have testified that Michael Geilenfeld used to request that some of the underage boys of his orphanage go to give Bishop Norris some body massage in one of the abandoned rooms at the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91.

 [Hounded out of town for being black and gay. ]

             All point to a strong the linkage while raising a suspicion of the nexus between Messrs. Voss, Perlitz, Duarte, and Geilenfed, all of whom, American Catholic religious, who shared some connection with the Guest House "Matthew 25," operated by Mr. Voss. All of them roam around orphanages as missionary leaders, and all of them have been accused of pedophilia, criminal conduct, rape, and child molestation.

            Indeed, at the funeral of Tom Reeves, one of the founders of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) U.S., an organization that advocates for relaxing the laws prohibiting sexual relations between adults and children, the organization advised that instead of offering flowers to honor the deceased, friends and supporters should make contributions to help the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91, Haiti.

[Haiti : Liens entre l'orphelinat Saint-Joseph et NAMBLA, une organisation pro-pédophilie. (Haiti: Links between the St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA, a pro-pedophilia organization.)]    

            We conjecture that there is a network of U.S Catholics pedophiles residing in Haiti. This network operates through orphanages, a favorite space to sexually exploit vulnerable children. There is striking evidence confirming this hypothesis: "The strong hand of the U.S. Catholic Church through a U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops."

The footprint of the American Catholic Church - The Conference of American Bishops, USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops):

            In fact, after the arrest of Mr. Perlitz, Mrs. Sheyla Maximilian (Biamby) from the CRS (Catholic Relief Service) and Mrs. Stéphane Trouillot, employee at PAP Security Company have visited the victims along with Mr. Sibert. They visited what remained of Pierre Toussaint and met with project staff and alleged victims. They subsequently met Mr. Sibert at Hotel Auberge du Picolet and pledged that appropriate measures would be taken to support the victims. They did not follow up on their promises. It was only a few months later, I learned that Mrs. Maximilian was on a mission to assess the situation on behalf of the U.S. Catholic Church, and the PAP Security and Safety agent (a Haitian company for private security) intended to eliminate the evidence. Mr. Perlitz' coffer has been recovered and shipped by boat to the United States. This has occurred after Mrs. Carter – a member of the Order of Malta –recuperated Mr. Perlitz' laptop, which contained a trove of incriminating and embarrassing data.

            In January 2010, a few hours before the devastating earthquake that destroyed the Haitian capital, Mr. Kendrick called my attention to the fact that a business card that I received from Mrs. Maximilian, headed in red ink, was from the "USCCB: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops."

[CRS - CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICE does not protect children against sex offenders. No background check for missionaries or employees, no policy to prevent pedophilia in Haiti.]

Political support in Haiti:

              Later, it was discovered that this network has been established in Haiti since the early 80s. Pedophiles from the U.S. Catholic Church took advantage of the political turmoil that prevailed after the Duvaliers fled the country to enhance their footage in the country. The 1991 coup against former president Aristide and the embargo that ensued rendered essential ​​many forms of humanitarian activities. Parents and children had become more dependent on law enforcement officers and the IBERS as they saw these forms of activities (orphanages) as an opportunity for visas, scholarships and kickbacks.

             It was also revealed that these men wanted to be with the Lavalas regime. Messrs. Voss, Perlitz and Geilenfed had strong relations with former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the exiled priest, who needed all forms of supports to hold on power, did not see any reason to properly evaluate these apparently generous missionaries. Many of them have been at the Outreach Center - LA FANMI SE LAVI (FAMILY IS LIFE] - others took part in protests in front of the U.S. Embassy demanding the return of democracy in Haiti, through the physical presence of former president Aristide.

             Their strategy was to mingle with Haitian ruling political and economic elites as well influential diplomats stationed in Haiti so that they could continue operating quietly in the country.

              During the funeral of Mr. Tom Reeves, [one of the founders of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) in the U.S.], in the pamphlet presenting Mr. Reeves' biography, the organization bragged that their leader had met with former president Aristide at the national palace in Haiti.

[Haiti : Liens entre l'orphelinat Saint-Joseph et NAMBLA, une organisation pro-pédophilie. (Haiti: Links between the St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA, a pro-pedophilia organization.) ]

There is also this excerpt from the book "Notes from the "Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti" by Michael Deibert'':

"The Catholic peace movement Pax Christi also continued to voice its support for Aristide, partially as a result of their chief liaison in Haiti, Ron Voss. Voss, an accused fugitive pedophile American priest from Indiana who had settled in Haiti after fleeing the United States and, many said, likely child molestation charges, for his loyalty was rewarded by being allowed to live in one of Antoine Izmery's old homes, which he dubbed "the visitation house," and where he frequently held court surrounded by groups of young street boys. It was a sad state of affairs for a leader who had been able to rally such pervasive support during his 1991-1993 exile."

[ ]

           In addition, we have inadvertently received an email from a board member of Hearts with Haiti, a project driven by Mr. Geilenfeld, which stated that a US diplomat stationed in Haiti has thrown his/her support behind the accused and was doing everything to break the victims.

[Haiti-Pedophile: U.S. diplomats protect a pedophile. (Evidence) ]

             This explains, in part, why all the protests organized by the St. Joseph youth against sexual abuse practices have failed. The Haitian police, the judiciary, and the IBESR do not assist the victims who have no choice but to return and implore for forgiveness from their alleged abusers.

[Read Michael Geilenfeld Scandal : Radio interview (Translation and Transcript) :]

Commitment Paul Kendrick IGNATIUS GROUP / Cyrus Sibert-ReseauCitadelle:

              Since March 2011, with our decision to support these young Haitians yearning for justice, the tides have turned, however. We have since stood up to this powerful network and all of its ramifications in Haiti and abroad. Victims and witnesses have testified before American justice officers. In February 2014, IBESR has decided to close the Saint-Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91. In March 2014 the victims filed a lawsuit with the Haitian court. The case was assigned to Judge Al Duniel Sunday. The fact that the victims have regained confidence in their struggle for justice has really troubled the presumed criminals and their supporters. Today, Mr. Geilenfeld and his supporters are using everything possible to silence the victims and child advocates. They even argue that the decision to seek justice and reparation is disloyal (ungrateful).

[CIVIL/CRIMINAL LAWSUIT FILED IN HAITI COURT AGAINST MICHAEL GEILENFELD.-- Five (5) Victims of a Pedophile at the St. Joseph's Orphanage at Delmas 91 have reached the Cabinet of investigation in the Haitian's Justice court. ]


          It is our hope that the Haitian leaders understand the issues and the plights of these young victims molested daily by those foreigners who believe that everything is permitted in Haiti. These young people have been abused physically, sexually and mentally. Today, they see their lives as broken by the actions of criminals who at some point in their lives used them as the mean to quell their sexual urges. These young men deserve justice and want closure, if occurred, would be a strong message to all other would-be pedophiles, who would understand that Haiti is not quite their promised land.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haïti

[1] Henceforth, Mr. Sibert and "I" are used interchangeably.


"You can fool some people sometimes, 

But you can't fool all the people all the time."

Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, 
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